We also offer routine dental care for pets that have tartar build-up on their teeth. Extraction of one or several teeth may be necessary if it is determined that they are abscessed or have root exposure. Dental disease is one of the leading causes of kidney and heart disease in dogs and cats. The bacteria from abscessed teeth and bleeding gums can penetrate your pet’s bloodstream, causing damage to the heart, kidneys, and other organs.

It is for these reasons that we check your pet’s teeth at their annual visit and recommend dental cleanings when they are needed. Research shows that pets whose teeth are kept clean will live an average of 2 years longer.

When the dental procedure is performed, we might recommend pre-op blood work, IV catheter, or heartworm test. Pain medications will be sent home for pets that have extractions and if antibiotics have not already been given, they may be sent home as well.


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